About Dragon Charging

The Dragon Charging Network is an EV charging network that provides fast, reliable, easy access to EV charging across Wales. The service is available in the medium of Welsh via our Welsh language site www.gwefrudragon.co.uk

The network has chargers owned by local authorities, community groups and commercial organisations and is available to anyone with a compatible EV charger who wants to make their charger available to the public.

Clenergy EV customers can use their existing Clenergy EV account to access any Dragon Charging Network charger. Dragon Charging customers can use their Dragon Charging account to access the UK wide Clenergy EV network.

New customers will need to create a Dragon Charging account (click on 'Start Charging' from the above menu) and register a credit / debit card (£10 will be debited from your card to your Dragon Charging account). You will then be able to start your charge (either via the web-app or with an RFID card registered to your account).

Once you have regsitered an RFID card with your account, you will be able to start a charge quickly and easily simply by touching it to the charger after plugging your car in.

The price for charging is clearly displayed on each charger and is shown online for those who start their charge using the web-app. Users may also need to pay for parking - check the signage displayed on the charging bay.